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When to see Nigel on TV in the UK!

Saturday 4 May, Eden  (Ch 166) 9 am, 3 pm, 9 pm: Nigel Marven's Venom Hunters

Saturday 4 May, Eden  (Ch 166)  10 am, 4 pm, 10 pm: Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven S1 Ep 1

Sunday 5 May, Eden  (Ch 166) 1 pm, 7 pm: Killer Whale Islands with Nigel Marven Ep 1

Monday 6 May, Eden  (Ch 166) 1 am: Killer Whale Islands with Nigel Marven Ep 1

In the USA you can watch Nigel's Wild Philippines on American Public TV:  


Hole House

Join me at my Devon family home for a wildlife adventure.

Urgent appeal to save Symondshyde

Close to where I grew up in Hertfordshire there are plans for a very damaging development. If you live nearby or even if you don't I hope you can support the campaign at: www.save-symonshyde.co.uk

You can also get updates at:

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Save.Symondshyde

Twitter: @SaveSymondshyde

About Me


Wildlife and Me

I’ve been interested in Wildlife since a very young age. I studied at Bristol University and began a career with wildlife upon joining the BBC Natural History Unit. After working alongside Sir David Attenborough for 12 years I presented episodes of Walking with Dinosaurs and then Prehistoric Park before forming my own production company in 2003. Since then I've travelled the world looking at some of the most amazing animals. You can see some of my adventures available on DVD in the new shop.


What I am doing now...

I've just returned from  a round-the-world trip lecturing on board and visiting some amazing places. Look out for my next Blog coming soon..

To see what other trips I have coming up, check below.

Coming up...

Elderflower Fields Festival


24-27 May

Nigel and his pets will be at the brilliant Elderflower Fields Festival in Sussex.  Come along and meet him!

Elderflower Fields

Hole House Adventures...


Join me for a long weekend at my family home in East Devon where we will explore the surrounding area, meet the local wildlife and step back in time on the Jurassic Coast.

7 -10 June 2019

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Whales, Birds and much more...


I have lots of great event and trips coming up in 2019. Take a look at my current events listing and maybe you can come and join me.

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Wildlife Holidays in Scotland


Join me at the Grant Arms Hotel in the Scottish Highlands in October 2019. We will see many of Scotland's special animals, including Pine Marten, Eagles and much more.

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Follow in my footsteps


Follow in my footsteps and join me on a spectacular wildlife adventure in 2020! First trip of the year will be Greece, 16-24 May 2020. Pelicans, Bee-eaters, Olive Tree Warblers and nose-horned vipers will be just some of the species seen! Price and itinerary coming soon.  I’ll also be visiting  Borneo, Malaysia and Iceland to see amazing animals.  Join my mailing list to stay informed of these and other trips! 

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Ask Nigel...


Ask Nigel a question about his wildlife adventures and we’ll put the best ones up on this page!

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Recent Work

Coming soon, from my filming trip earlier this year - here's a teaser for Wild Honduras!

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