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What was your favourite part of Wild Columbia?

It has to be when I fed the hummingbirds from my mouth by pretending to be their favourite nectar source. I could feel the beating of their wings on my face!

(Question from Ethan MacGillivary)

Do you have a favourite species of shark?

I've been lucky enough to swim with lots of sharks but one of my favourites is the unique Thresher Shark. I swam with them in the Philippines and they are truly awesome. They use their enormous tail to stun their prey, incredible!

(Question from Ian Brassard, Massachsettes)

Did it hurt when the Tree Boa bit your nose in Colombia and what has been the most painful bite?

The tree boa certainly gave me a bloody nose but the bite wasn't too painful. I think one of my most painful bites was from a Tokay Gecko, it hung on for 3 minutes!

(Question from Cub Corcoran, aged 4)

Do you have lots of books about animals?

I do, I have hundreds of books that I've collected over the years and they are very special to me. I read them for pleasure and research when heading off on a long filming trip.

What animal was your favourite on Prehistoric Park?

The Microraptor from China was my favourite. Hopefully one day I'll make another time travelling series.

What is your favourite species of snake and why?

My top 10 snakes would be  Taipan, Red-sided Garter, Adder, Nose-horned Viper, Orsini's and Eyelash vipers, Water python, Aesculapian, Bull and Mandarin rat-snake. I love Mandarine Rat-snakes. Their pattern and colours are so beautiful. I wish I had one as a pet!

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