My party trick for the Christmas Season...do not try this at home!

Catching cobras in the Philippines.

Catching the highly venomous Philippine Cobra for my 10 Deadliest Snakes series.

Reticulated Python

While filming a new series of Ten Deadliest Snakes in Malaysia, Nigel almost bit off more than he could chew with this giant python! 

Cruise ship adventures - trailer


Cruise Ship Adventures Trailer Episodes 5 & 6

Some highlights of Episode 5 & 6! An Indian Ocean Odyssey showing on UKTV Watch 2nd June at 8pm, An Antarctic Voyage showing 9th June 8pm.

Soft Shell Turtle

The peculiar Soft Shell Turtle from Florida.

Bitten by a python

This grumpy python takes a bite of me!

Bitten by a boa

This lovely boa takes a snap at me while filming for Wild Colombia.

How to make it as a wildlife presenter


Anneka Svenska interviews Nigel

Filmmaker Anneka Svenska interviews Nigel Marven on the topic of 'How to make it as a Wildlife Presenter'.